Transunion Free Credit Report


Known as one of the big three credit recording companies, TransUnion is responsible for maintaining the credit history for Americans coast-to-coast and around the world.  It is the third largest credit reporting bureau in the country and has maintained a certain level of integrity in the credit business because of its best practices.

Started back in the late 1960s, TransUnion was the product of several smaller credit bureaus in big cities.  Their history began with a service agreement between merchants and city-wide credit bureaus.  By the early 80s TransUnion had come into full bloom as a credit bureau that marketed credit reports to consumers.  It had also changed ownership and projected the company’s focus to be more consumer-centric.  TransUnion makes getting a copy of a credit report quite simple. Getting a TransUnion credit report is usually free for consumers.  However, getting a TransUnion business credit report will require a nominal fee.  

It is important for consumers to have a clear idea of their credit history detailed on their credit reports.  For example, credit card accounts, medical bills, late payments, and bankruptcies will be listed on free credit reports.  Any and all negative credit submissions will affect a person’s TransUnion FICO score.  This will be detrimental to a person’s creditworthiness in the future.  

One of the ways to remove negative credit marks is to dispute what is on the credit report.  Many people do this weekly and see a positive increase in their credit score.  TransUnion provides clear and concise instructions on how to dispute negative credit entries.  People can dispute a credit score with TransUnion either via telephone, on the internet or through the mail.  All that needs to be done is to download a formal Request for Investigation form.  For those individuals wanting to do online disputes, this too can be accomplished by simply following the instructions on the TransUnion website.

The TransUnion credit dispute process is quite similar to that of the other credit bureaus and consists of four main steps in disputing credit errors.  The first is to simply identify wrong information, the second is to pick the method of contact, the third is for TransUnion to handle the direct dispute with the company, and the fourth is for TransUnion to notify you either by email or regular mail of the outcome.  The process is quite simple and does not require much from the consumer.

A consumer wishing to review a credit report TransUnion should take the proper steps in requesting their report.  Not only is it easy to do, it will prove to be quite beneficial in the long run.  Taking the time out to review a credit report and discern what is accurate from what is not is extremely important.  With the internet readily available, many people are currently at risk for having their credit report affected in a detrimental way.  With the many tools readily available on the TransUnion website, it will be simple to detect anything potentially detrimental such as identity theft.

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